Wednesday, January 4, 2012

MAVIC UST 819 tubeless setup

Disclaimer: These tips are for the blog author, pls seek professional instruction as this sport may be dangerous!

After a month of riding my rear tire started losing too much air (i left the tire inflated to 22 PSI overnight and in the morning it had hardly any air)
The original setup was : Mavic UST 819 rim, Mavic stem, Maxxis Minion 3C 2.5 tire. 2 scoops of Stan's sealant.

Today's modifications: cleaned all solidified Stan's, added 3 scoops of sealant instead of 2, added Stan's rim strip.
Inflating with the rim strip was very easy using the floor pump which was not the case in the original setup.
I will post updates to keep track when the setup may fail...

Update 1.
Jan 6, 2012
First ride excellent! No air loss at all.

Update 2
May 1 , 2012
Detected air loss, dismantled the tire, found quite a bit of dirt where the rim clinches the tire, cleaned all, added sealant, re-inflated, all works well. Conclusion: I have to watch for the dirt in the "clinching" area and clean it once in a while. I will try adding a little bit of sealant once a month, rather than waiting for the next significant air pressure loss